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Be Balanced!

Be Balanced!

Your oral hygiene regimen is an important part of maintaining good oral health. Without taking good care of it, you would be more exposed to having gum disease or tooth decay. We know it’s important for your body, but did you know maintaining a healthy diet is important to your oral health too. Calcium is the foundation of your teeth and bones. Consuming the right amount of Calcium can fight bone loss and reduce tooth softening. At a young age, Calcium is also needed for your teeth to grow and develop. We also need to make sure there is enough Phosphorus and Vitamin D in our diet to help us absorb the calcium. Vitamin C is essential to keeping your gums healthy. Vitamin A helps with our salivary glands and ensures our saliva flows. A healthy intake of iron helps to defend our immune system. Vitamin B can also help with inflammation and can help fight off chancre sores. The research continues to show that keeping up a balanced diet, will surely benefit your oral health!

– Dr. Richard Gao

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