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Caring For Your Children’s Teeth This Valentine’s Day

Caring For Your Children’s Teeth This Valentine’s Day

Does it seem like as soon as your children eat their last candy cane, it’s already time for Valentine’s Day treats? As a parent, it can feel like there is no shortage of candy this time of year.

Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without chocolate. It’s okay to indulge in sugary treats now and then, just keep your oral health in mind.

Caring for Your Children’s Teeth This Valentine’s Day

Here are a few tips to keep your children’s teeth healthy when there’s an abundance of candy.

Make brushing fun. Bedtime can be hectic, but nighttime brushing is so important. This is especially true if your child has been eating candy. Young children can be motivated to brush by making it fun. You can sing a silly song while they brush their teeth, or give them a small reward like a sticker. Some children might be more apt to brush their teeth if you’re doing it with them. Make good oral hygiene a family affair.

Think outside of the box. The box of chocolates, that is. Valentine’s gifts don’t have to be candy. Consider giving pencils, books, movie tickets, small toys, or a fun pair of socks.

Rethink your “treats.” Sweet fruits like apples, oranges, and strawberries are healthier alternatives to candy. Add to the fun by creating a face or other artwork out of cut up fruit.

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