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Baby Bottle Syndrome

Baby Bottle Syndrome

Sometimes we see a young child, usually about 18 months to 2 years of age is brought in for a number of cavities. Many people don’t realize a young child can even get a cavity! The case for this is usually, ‘baby bottle syndrome’. Unfortunately new parents do not know enough information about baby dental care for when their baby’s teeth first begin to appear. Usually around 6 months is when a baby first tooth or teeth start to make their mark. Advice new parents should be aware of include, never letting their infant sleep with a bottle (unless its water only). Liquids such as juice or milk contain sugars that will be in their mouth all night! This leads to numerous cavities which become difficult to resolve. Be sure not to use a bottle as a pacifier substitute for your child. If you do have cavity concerns for your child, use a child size tooth brush and a very small (grain or rice sized) amount of toothpaste. It’s also never too early for a dentist to have a look. The problem could get worse the longer you wait. It’s better to take preventive action, than corrective! 

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