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Your Child’s New Adult Teeth

Your Child’s New Adult Teeth

It’s an exciting time when your child has their adult teeth starting to come in. It’s important to monitor them closely to make sure there aren’t any problems. However, you may have noticed little bumps or ridges along the edge of your child’s new adult teeth. Sometimes parents mistake this as a problem. Do not panic – these ridges are completely normal! They have a special name called “Mamelons”. They appear because of the way adult teeth develop.

Mamelons are usually only present for a small period of time. Since they are uneven and thin, they usually wear down pretty quickly as your child eats. Mamelons can still sometimes be found on patients well into their adulthood. This can happen when the adult teeth do not come together the way they should. When biting down, if their bite is off and their teeth never touch. As a result, the mamelons wouldn’t fade away. Since they do not come in contact, they do not wear down as quickly. Adults who still have mamelons, and do not like the appearance of them, can have them smoothed out by their dentist.

If you have any questions about mamelons, please contact us at ToothMatters in Richmond Hill!

– Dr. Richard Gao , ToothMatters

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