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Clarifying Root Canal Myths

Clarifying Root Canal Myths

Over time, misconceptions have formed around root canal treatments. Whether in television, movies, on the internet or by word of mouth, you’ve probably heard things about root canals that make you anxious about the treatment.

Here at ToothMatters Dental Clinic, we will help to clarify any root canal myths and help you understand that the root canal procedure is nothing to be apprehensive about.

‘Root Canal Treatment is Painful: If you’ve heard that a root canal treatment is painful, don’t believe it! Sedatives and modern technology have enabled root canal treatment to be one of the safest and pain-free procedures. Root canal treatments allow the dentist to remove the damaged tissue that causes a toothache. According to the American Association of Endodontists, most patients feel comfortable during a root canal treatment procedure.

‘It is Better to Have Tooth Extraction than a Root Canal’: The myth that tooth extraction is a better option is not always true. Keeping and saving your natural tooth is still the best option according to dentists. Other tooth replacement procedures could be an option, but nothing beats the look or function of a natural tooth. With a root canal treatment, you can also prevent further dental procedures to the supporting tissue and neighbouring teeth that result from replacing an extracted tooth.

‘A Root Canal can Cause Cancer or Other Illness: It was believed that a root canal could cause cancer and/or other illnesses. This misconception has no medical evidence that confirms a connection between having cancer and other illnesses after a root canal procedure. Advancement in dentistry has made treatments reliable, effective and safe for quite some time.

Now that you know the truth surrounding the myths about root canals, you can make a sound decision when talking to your dentist about the best option for your dental health. If you have any questions on root canal treatments, please feel free to contact us at our dental office in Richmond Hill. We also have Dr. Chen, the endodontist on site!

-Dr. Gao

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