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Five Common Braces Problems

Five Common Braces Problems

Having braces may take a little time getting used to. Soreness, discomfort, mild pain and swelling are some common symptoms that occur when teeth begin moving into their new positions. Here at ToothMatters, we like to educate our patients on the common problems with braces that they might encounter during the course of their orthodontic treatment.

Protruding or Broken Wire

Sometimes, wires can protrude or break in your mouth, and when this occurs, you must push it back using a cotton swab. According to the Canadian Association of Orthodontics, you can cut the wire using a small nail clipper.

Loose Braces Bands

The metal rings that fold over the back and front teeth are termed as “bands.” They serve as the anchor for your braces. When you experience this type of braces problem, you need to reposition the bands or let your orthodontist cement it.

Ligatures Come Off the Brace

If the rubber band that supports your metal brackets comes off, you can use tweezers to put them back, but if the ligature is loose and broken, report it to your orthodontist and visit his/her office as soon as you can.

Loose Bracket

When you eat chewy or hard food, your braces or bracket can get loose. Usually, orthodontists provide wax to keep your brackets from falling off, so you can attend to this problem at home. However, if the problem continues and it affects your bite, you have to see your orthodontist right away.

Braces off the Center

If your braces appeared off the center on the tooth, a visit to your orthodontist is the best way to repair this kind of problem. In some cases, the bracket is rotated on the wire, and it projects outward into the lip. Go to your orthodontist right away, if this happens.

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-Dr. Gao

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