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Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Have you ever wondered why dentists remove wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth are considered to be a third set of molars. Many people wonder why our bodies produce them if they we just end up extracting them. There is a theory that a long time ago, people would lose their teeth much faster due to poor oral hygiene. As a result, once their wisdom teeth came in – it felt like receiving a fresh set of teeth! So there were no complaints from them.

Here are some reasons why we remove wisdom teeth today:

– There is not enough space in the jaw for the wisdom teeth. This can be very painful as there is not enough space to support the new teeth coming in!
– Not enough space in your mouth. It already feels like a full house in there. When adding in a new set of teeth, it can lead to overcrowding.
– Potential damage to adjacent teeth when coming in. Wisdom teeth can also come in at weird and interfering angles causing damage to your surrounding teeth.
– They are hard to clean. The wisdom teeth are very far back into your mouth, which means they are difficult to reach and clean! This may make you more prone to develop cavities/gum disease.

If you still have your wisdom teeth, you should look to plan ahead. At ToothMatters dental office in Richmond Hill, we can help monitor or plan for wisdom teeth extraction before they cause any problems!

– Dr. Richard Gao

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