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Root Canal Rumours

Root Canal Rumours

Root canals tend to have a bad reputation. Likely, someone you know has shared a story about a bad experience with a root canal. Sometimes they are just describing the sensation of pain before they have even had one! However, the fear behind the root canal is not warranted. The procedure is meant to relieve pain – not cause it! The actual procedure is comparable to the pain level of a filling.

Some people may go to extreme lengths, such as pulling teeth in order to avoid a root canal. This is problematic on two fronts. To begin with, keeping your natural tooth is preferable in any situation. No procedure or dental tool can completely substitute a natural tooth. Secondly, a root canal restores the damaged pulp, as opposed to extracting it and causing more stress to the body.

The soreness you may feel for a few days after a root canal is the result of the removed troublesome tissue that was causing your pain. After the root canal has taken place, the area is cleaned. The cleaning stops the infection and relieves the pain.
With prescribed medication, the swelling should go down and you will be good as new!

At ToothMatters we are equipped with the LEICA Microscope to perform the best Root Canal Treatments. I personally have an extensive amount of experience in treating root canals. We also have an endodontist on our team, which is a specialist for root canal treatments, for your convince.

To book your root canal treatment contact ToothMatters in Richmond Hill!

– Dr. Richard Gao

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