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Sensitive Teeth And Tooth Desensitization

Sensitive Teeth And Tooth Desensitization

Do you experience tooth pain after eating ice cream or drinking coffee? If yes, you could be suffering from tooth sensitivity. If you have tooth sensitivity, it’s important to talk to your dentist to find out the cause.

When you have tooth sensitivity, eating ice cream, or drinking coffee and or brushing your teeth can cause a feeling of sharp and temporary pain. A sensitive tooth is usually caused by worn tooth enamel, tooth erosion exposing tooth roots and tooth decay and cavities. Managing sensitive teeth can be done through tooth desensitization and treating the cause of tooth sensitivity.

How To Manage Tooth Sensitivity

Your dentist may recommend you to use a desensitizing toothpaste and a soft toothbrush to manage your sensitive teeth. Desensitizing toothpaste can block the transmission of pain sensations and a soft toothbrush can prevent worn out tooth enamel, which is one of the causes of tooth sensitivity.

Another way to approach tooth desensitization is through applying desensitizing agents like fluoride, bonding resins, varnish and/or dentin adhesives. Fluoride can be used in the form of mouthwash, gel, and toothpaste for sensitive teeth. In addition, bonding resins, varnish, and adhesives work as a protective coating of your dentin tubes and teeth to prevent the sharp pain caused by sensitive teeth.

If tooth desensitization doesn’t work on your sensitive teeth, your dentist will determine the treatment based on the cause of your tooth sensitivity. If the cause of your sensitive teeth is a loss of gum tissue, your dentist can recommend a procedure such as surgical gum grafting. This procedure can protect exposed roots and treat tooth sensitivity by attaching a gum tissue to your affected cells. If your tooth sensitivity causes severe and chronic pain, you may need filling or root canal treatment, which is another method of treating sensitive teeth.

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– Dr. Gao

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