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Six Common Dental Procedures In Toronto

Six Common Dental Procedures In Toronto

There are a wide variety of dental treatments available. Ranging from routine care to emergency procedures, the options can be overwhelming. As professionals, at ToothMatters we have been trained to handle different situations. The most frequent Toronto dental procedures we encounter are:

Tooth Repair and Fillings

From tooth decay or trauma, dentists can use restorative materials to repair the tooth. Fillings are used when there is a hole or cavity, on the surface of a tooth. If left untreated, the hole can get bigger and eventually lead to the loss of a tooth.

Root Canal

A root canal treatment removes the diseased pulp of a tooth. The root canal is then sealed off and the tooth is saved. Usually, pulp damage occurs when a tooth is injured, cracked or has a deep cavity. When these are left untreated, they can become infected and cause an abscess.

Bridges and Implants

Implants and bridges are two different Toronto dental procedures used to replace a missing tooth or missing teeth. There are several different types of bridges used to fill in the gap where the tooth was. Implants replicate an entire tooth including the root and the crown. These procedures keep remaining teeth healthy so patients can eat and speak easily.

Caps or Crowns

Crowns, also known as caps, are a type of restorative treatment that protects a damaged, cracked or broken tooth. Crowns are placed over the portion of the tooth that is above the gum line. They may be applied to a tooth to strengthen it so it can hold a bridge in place. Benefits of crowns include adding strength to a tooth and improving one’s appearance.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth can easily be stained by many foods and beverages, but they can also darken over time. Teeth whitening helps restore a natural, white appearance to the teeth. A peroxide based cleaning material is used to whiten teeth. This is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures.

Teeth Extractions

An extraction is also known as pulling a tooth. This procedure completely removes a tooth from its socket. Usually, a tooth is removed if it is broken, or severely damaged by decay. Usually a dentist will try other methods of treatment and an extraction is done as a last resort. When an individual’s teeth are in poor condition making it difficult to eat or speak, extractions may be done prior to dentures or implants are placed.

We look forward to meeting you at ToothMatters and determining the best dental procedure that works for you!

– Dr. Gao

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