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Sugar To Blame?

Discover the Truth: Is Sugar to Blame for Dental Issues?

Why do some people get cavities over others? There can be many reasons, but three large factors are genetics, oral hygiene and sugar consumption. Many people are unaware how much sugar they are really consuming. Sugar can come in many forms, from refined sugar in candy or soda pop to natural sugars found in fruits. No matter the form, the sugar is still being consumed! How sugar is consumed can be another large contributor. Surprisingly, it is better to eat an entire package of candy all at once as opposed to eating small amounts throughout the day. Why is this you may ask? Knowing how a cavity forms in the first place will help you to understand. The sugar you eat is also consumed by the bacteria inside your mouth. When this happens, an acid is produced which increases the overall acidity in your mouth. A cavity is formed when the acidity in your mouth is high for a crucial amount of time. If you have all the candy at once, your mouth has time to recover from the acid build up. If you continue to eat the candy throughout the day, your mouth has little time to recover and increases your chances of getting a cavity! Be sure to keep an eye on your sugar intake and how it’s consumed. Of course, remember to keep up with good oral hygiene as well!

– Dr. Gao

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