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Teeth Whitening In Richmond Hill

Teeth Whitening In Richmond Hill

Everyone wants to achieve a healthy, beautiful and most of all white smile! At ToothMatters, we have some tips to help you keep your teeth white and what to do if they do start to yellow.

First it’s important to understand that there are two types of discolouration that can happen to your teeth. The first are intrinsic stains that develop inside the tooth enamel. The second is extrinsic tooth stains. The extrinsic stains are the ones we are more in control of. They are the result of drinking tooth staining beverages, which include tea and coffee. Extrinsic stains also involve age, the development of plaque and tartar or the effects of tobacco.

How can you prevent tooth extrinsic discolouration or stains? Avoid the foods and beverages that cause the problem! Such as coffee, wine, sports drinks, berries and even tomato sauce! You should also use a straw when consuming any beverages that use stain-causing dyes. We also highly recommend avoiding tobacco. These tips will help prevent your teeth from becoming yellow! But once your teeth had lots of stains, the best way is to seek help from a dentist, like scaling and polishing. The dentist and hygienist will return you a set of “brand new” teeth. For intrinsic stain or discolouration there are ways like bleaching, or veneer, crown, or even just white filling. Another option could be ZOOM whitening. There are different options that we can discuss with you.

If you are interested to have whiter teeth in Richmond Hill, our team at ToothMatters would be happy to help! Book an appointment with us today to help keep those teeth healthy and white!

– Dr. Gao

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