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The Benefits Of Gum Reduction

The Benefits Of Gum Reduction

Do you have a gummy smile? A gummy smile is when your gingival tissue covers too much of your teeth. If you have this condition, one of the best cosmetic dental solutions that your dentist might suggest is the “Gum Reduction” procedure.

Gum reduction is a cosmetic dental surgery that removes part of your gums to reveal more of your tooth, which can improve your smile. Depending on the severity of your case, a dentist might remove some parts of your dental bone too. This procedure is usually done through a diode laser, or in some cases, the excess gum tissue is manually removed.

While gum reduction offers the most transformative cosmetic benefits to patients with excess gum tissue, there are still more advantages to patients who want to undergo this type of procedure. Here are some of the benefits of gum reduction surgery:

Changes Your Smile: Gum reduction changes your smile. It exposes more of your teeth’s surface and reduces your gum line, which creates a more proportional smile, enhancing your facial features.

Quick and Painless: Gum reduction is a painless and quick process when using laser technology. Swelling and bleeding are minimized because the diode laser cauterizes your gum while doing the procedure at the same time.

Improves Gum Health: You will feel less gum and tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking hot and cold food and drinks.

Lasting Results: When you undergo gum reduction surgery, you can expect that your gums will permanently maintain their new contour. Just make sure that you keep your gums clean and healthy all the time.

Here at ToothMatters for lifelong health, we want to help you achieve a perfect smile without having extra gum tissue in the way. To learn more about the benefits of the gum reduction procedure, visit us at our dental office in Richmond Hill! We can’t wait to give you your best and healthiest smile!

-Dr. Gao

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