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The Cracked Tooth Pain

The Cracked Tooth Pain

Are you suffering from tooth pain? Maybe you have looked in the mirror but can’t find the source of the pain. Some people may suffer from tooth pain due to a crack in their tooth. Sometimes, the crack can be so small that an x-ray can miss it! However, don’t mistake the pain for being small too. It can be quite painful, despite the size of the crack. How can we make sure that a crack is the problem?

The crack can sometimes be underneath the gum which is difficult to detect. Usually, this happens to the back molars of your teeth and can be a result of grinding or clenching your teeth from your natural bite. Only a dental professional can diagnose a cracked tooth. It is best to seek help as soon as possible if you are in any pain.

To help detect a crack in your tooth, we can use a fibre optic equipment. Treatment usually requires bonding and/or placing a crown over the tooth. Sometimes we also need to do a root canal or extraction depending on the severity of the problem.

If you are concerned about a crack in your tooth, or any tooth pain – contact us at ToothMatters, your Richmond Hill family dentist today.

– Dr. Gao

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