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The Difference Between Sensitive Teeth Vs. Sensitive Gums

The Difference Between Sensitive Teeth Vs. Sensitive Gums

Sensitive teeth and sensitive gum issues can sometimes be confused with one another. At ToothMatters Dental Clinic we are happy to help our patients understand the difference!

Pain related to sensitive teeth occurs when your tooth enamel is worn down, or your gum line has receded exposing the dentin of your tooth. Dentin is the the layer inside the tooth’s enamel protecting the tooth’s pulp. Dentin contains tubules that run to the pulp (where the nerves of the tooth are located). If the flow in these tubules are exposed to external hot or cold food and drinks – it signals pain. Sensitive teeth do not necessarily show visual signs for sensitivity.

Sensitive gum issues on the other hand will usually be red and often bleed without being prodded by brushing. They do not have the same discomfort that sensitive teeth have. With sensitive gum problems they can sometimes feel sore. The longer sensitive gum issues are left untreated the worse they will become.

Whether you are experiencing sensitive teeth or sensitive gum problems, it is important to visit your dentist. We can help provide relief and solutions for dental problems you may be experiencing. Contact us at ToothMatters Dental to learn how to care for your teeth. We can help you make your smile last a lifetime!

-Dr. Gao

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