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The Toothache Problem

The Toothache Problem

The team at ToothMatters understands how difficult tooth pain can be to deal with! Whether the pain lasts a while or comes intermittently, the problem should be addressed by a dental professional!

Here are some common causes for toothaches:

An infected tooth – this can be the most painful! There are two kinds of severe tooth pain involved with the nerve. One is acute or chronic apical periodontiti which can be accompanied by a fever or swelling of the face or mouth. You may also experience heat or cold sensitivity on your teeth. The pain would disappear if the abscess ruptures.

However, it still requires treatment to prevent the infection from spreading. Another one is acute or chronic pulpitis, this is the inflammation involved the dental pulp tissue only. If this is not treated or treated properly, it will develop into acute apical periodontitis. The pulpits is very painful, patient usually couldn’t tell which is the affected tooth. Abscessed tooth most of the time could tell which one. The solution for this problem is usually a root canal. This requires the tooth to be flushed out and resealed. If this is not

A cavity – not all, but some can cause discomfort! When the decay erodes a major part of enamel, you will be able to feel the internal layers of your tooth, which can cause pain. The treatment required involves removing the cavity and sealing the tooth with a dental filling.

Thinned enamel – this can occur from aggressive brushing. Your teeth might react sensitively to hot or cold as a result. To minimize or diminish pain, a fluoride treatment can be administered. In more serious cases a protective coating can be used on the surface of the teeth.

A cracked tooth – a damaged tooth can be very painful! A restorative procedure such as a crown can usually be used. Your dentist will find the best solution that works for your case.

Toothaches should never be ignored! Talk to us at ToothMatters in Richmond Hill for toothache solutions today!

– Dr. Richard Gao

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