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What Causes Lips To Swell?

What Causes Lips To Swell?

Do your lips look bigger than normal? A swollen lip is something you should be aware of. It occurs when there is inflammation or a fluid build-up under the skin tissue of the lips. Some of the common signs of swollen lips are swelling, pain, redness, cracked skin, and soreness.

Swelling of the lips can be caused by different conditions. Allergic reactions to medications, food, and/or environmental substances can cause lips to swell. Swollen lips caused by an allergic reaction can sometimes be severe and result in anaphylactic shock. When you have this kind of reaction accompanied by symptoms of tightening airways, fainting, and low blood pressure, you may need immediate treatment to prevent life-threatening complications.

Trauma or injury to the lips and mouth area can also cause lip to swell. Infections, medical and inflammatory conditions can also lead to swollen lips. Depending on the cause, the swollen lip can arise and disappear quickly (such as sunburned or chapped lips). However, when lip swelling develops over time and comes with additional signs and symptoms, it could be due to severe inflammation or infection and other medical conditions.

Infections happen when bacteria invade a healing wound or blister near your lips or mouth. The bacteria from your hands or from your mouth can delay the healing process, which can cause lips to swell and other symptoms of infection to occur. Therefore, it is important that you keep your mouth and hands clean all the time.

Having healthy lips and a healthy mouth is essential to maintain optimum oral health! If you have questions about your oral health, contact us at ToothMatters Dental Clinic in Richmond Hill.

-Dr. Gao

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