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Why Should I Go To The Dentist Regularly?

Why Should I Go To The Dentist Regularly?

Many people may shy from dentist appointments and find reasons to avoid them altogether. Some patients don’t book appointments because they want to save money, while others don’t because they may think that it’s uncomfortable. At ToothMatters in Richmond Hill, we always encourage patients to take their dental health seriously. Here are some reasons why you should go to the dentist regularly:

Spotting Problems Early

Regular dentist appointments include a thorough checkup. This allows dentists to examine your teeth closely and spot early signs of cavities, tartar, gum infections, and even cancer. If the dentist spots a problem early, it can be treated before it can lead into more severe problems.

Cleaning And Removing Tartar

While regular dental hygiene goes a long way to keep your teeth healthy, it doesn’t always  clean the harder to reach areas effectively. A regular dentist appointment includes a thorough clean. The dentist will remove all lingering debris, plaque, and tartar completely.

Long-Term Dental Health

If you visit a dentist two or three times a year, you will be able to preserve your natural teeth well and avoid major tooth loss as you grow older.

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-Dr. Gao

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