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Why The Crown?

Why The Crown?

As a dental patient, we understand the options for treatment can sometimes feel overwhelming. At ToothMatters, we want you to understand your treatment options and the reasoning behind them. A common post procedure for a root canal is often to place a crown. You may wonder why this secondary treatment is necessary? Your dentist just took the time to repair your damaged tooth and the pulp inside of it. So, why do you need a crown? A crown can be used to help seal the tooth after a root canal. After the root canal procedure, although your tooth is healthier, it is also delicate from removing the damaged pulp. Some enamel may have removed during this process. The crown is placed to fit over top of the tooth and provides extra protection from any bacteria trying to get inside and prevent the tooth from fracture. The crown doesn’t require any extra work on the patient’s end. It can be chewed on, brushed, and flossed, just like a regular tooth. It can last anywhere from 10 to 40 years if it is kept clean and well-maintained.

For more questions about root canal procedures or crown treatments, contact your family dentist in Richmond Hill, ToothMatters! We are here to answer your questions and provide you and your family the best dental care possible.

– Dr. Gao

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